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Boris A. Johnston Suarez
12th.Nov.1997- 23th Feb.2017

Dear friends, 


A mother, father and sister should never have to announce such tragic news -


our dear, beloved son Boris passed away last Thursday, 23rd February 2017.


Our hearts are broken, the pain an ocean, too unbearable to contemplate.


We are being looked after by a loving gathering of friends and family.

Please support us by not needing anything from us, but share your photos of


Boris, your memories and sweet words in the Fb group: Celebrating


Boris’ Life.

In grief and love, Anthony, Paloma & Sofia

Dear Friends, we are in shock and not sure about the shape of what Anthony and I will do next. Our lives have changed.

We are slowly walking the path of what could have been and seeing the choices that could have been made to avoid this tragic lost.

We will do some thing, we will be of help.

For now we are just gathering the insights about our son's dead and your help will be the strength we need to make change happen.

Boris’ Legacy - we believe that with the right help, advice and support Boris’ life could have been saved. We are setting up a fund to


research how more young lives could be saved in the future and how families and young people can be more effectively supported when


experiencing similar situations.


Boris' death raises many issues, and many lessons could be learned. For the time being, this fund will be called "Boris'Legacy"


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