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Boris A. Johnston Suarez
12th.Nov.1997- 23th Feb.2017

Boris was a charming, intelligent young man who always had a deep caring for others, and who would put others first at all times.


Unfortunately, in Boris’ case, it was another way in which he got lost when he came to face the realities of the world and what society expects


of a young man.


Piecing the reasons together that led Boris to his actions is proving difficult, but it is giving us an insight into the complex set of circumstances


that a 19 year old has to navigate in life at the beginning of the 21st century. Boris was in profound pain that he didn’t disclose to anyone, although looking back, we can now see signs of his distress and a chasm of loneliness that consumed him.

The world we live in provides all of us, but especially young people, many ways to escape pain and the difficulties of the internal chaos of


growing up. Sometimes this is through the use of recreational drugs. This wasn’t Boris’ case. Boris self medicated as a way of stopping the


pain he was suffering.  And towards the end of his life he lost himself to the world and to us. 

He leaves each of us with a bit of love inside ourselves. We recall the times we met him and how he shone a light on us. His


love from people, his deep understanding of others, made us all feel special when we met him. In his company you would feel as if he was shining a light on you. Life will never be the same, it has changed forever, at a most profound level, for his family and for his friends.


The rest of our lives will be guided by Boris legacy a young man, growing up in the world as it is today.

Wherever he is, we now know he is at peace and with those that love him. 

We have lost a true companion, an ocean of possibilities. We have lost our son and our brother. But a bit of him lives on in the stories and


memories of his friends and family.


We are very proud of our son and all the good friends that he made who have come together today to celebrate who he was. 


Thank you for your outpouring of love from the minute we learned of Boris’ death. 

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