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Erti Suli is a festival for families to spend time in nature with like minded folk. it is an opportunity to connect with nature and to explore healthy ways of being together. The gathering was born after the death of our son Boris in February 2017 which left us with a burning question:

How can our young people grow up healthy, strong and wise in a confusing and cynical world? 

Throughout the gathering we will explore the following themes: finding authentic connection; maintaining and nurturing well being; enhancing spiritual growth; embracing healthy relationships. And in general: how we can help and support our young people in their journey from childhood to adulthood? And how can we create more life affirming communities for ourselves, for our children and our children's children?

Erti Suli' means 'One Soul' in Georgian (the language of the Republic of Georgia).

What is One Soul Gathering?


Boris and all those in our family have developed a deep connection with Georgia over a number of years. We love it's culture, it's people and the songs and crafts of this ancient country that lies on the old Silk Road, at the foot of the Caucasus mountains between Europe and Asia.


So why not step out of your daily routine, connect with others, inspire and be inspired, explore and learn new and old ways on some of the most beautiful deer land in UK? Erti Suli is a place with space to explore, to connect and to grow...

A gathering for the curious, the adventurous and those who want to make a difference

We have some great activities for all ages.

We will be hosting a number of inspiring workshops, talks, happenings, music and more.

If you are under 25 and would like to come to the festival but money is a problem, send as a message, we want you in!

The camp is set in a beautiful part of the South West of England.

Want to join us? Please get in touch with us at:

join us in fb : Erti Suli - One Soul Gathering 

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