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Supra is a Georgian ritual feast and Boris loved them! The wine, the gathering of people of all ages, the speaking from the heart and the quiet listening of words and stories. Boris also loved the songs always present at the Supra.

It is a  natural and ancient way for people to gather to celebrate any occasion. Boris had lots of friends from very different walks of life and he was a loved member of the Bristol Georgian Choir. He had spent some time in Georgia with his family, but he also visited on his own.  He loved the country and its people and we feel the 'Supra' is a heart warming way to remember our son with friends from all walks of life.

It is important to book for the supra so we can have accurate numbers for the food and setting of the tables, so please let us know you are coming by sending an email to and we will reply with further information!

Anthony and Paloma have run a Supra in Brockweir in the Wye Valley in November for a number of years, Boris also came to those Supras as a singer and enjoyed the cooking! This Supra often happened on or close to Boris' birthday. 

 We have booked St Michaels Hall, 160a Gloucester Road, BS7 8NT in Bristol for the next 10 years, these are the dates for Boris' Supra:

2019 - Saturday 23 Feb.

2020 - Saturday 22 Feb.

2021 - Saturday 27 Feb.

2022- Saturday 26 Feb.

2023 - Saturday 25 Feb.

2024 - Saturday 24 Feb.

2025 - Saturday 22 Feb.

2026 - Saturday 28 Feb.

2027 - Saturday 27 Feb.

2028 - Saturday 26 Feb.

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